This week started out much better than last week. I felt pretty good for the most part. By FRIDAY, my cough was back with a vengeance and my weekend runs didn’t go quite as planned. I think that is why I held off on posting this, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get my full last long run in. I have come to realize I am as prepared distance wise as I can be. And I just need to move on. 


No Yogalates today. I was pretty tired today and decided to just sleep in. 

1 mile run outside @ 7:26 pace. This run started out great and then two dogs came running up on me. They looked threatening (to me!) and thanks to 3 wonderful neighbors who came to my rescue as well as a random guy in his car trying to corral the dogs I was able to finally continue on my way. I did encounter the dogs again as I was almost finished with my run, but I was able to divert them. 


Strength and Conditioning

Courtney subbed for Mike so we actually did Tabata. 

5 mile run outside  @ 8:32 pace. 



Lisa subbed for Courtney and it was a Tabata style class. 

6 mile run outside @ 8:44 pace. 


Strength and Conditioning

Mike kicked our butt today. 

5 mile run outside @ 8:48 pace. 


1 mile run outside @ 7:54 pace. 


I switched my run with Sunday due to impending rain. I had to run late in the afternoon because Alex had a soccer tournament. 

I had 20 planned, a few miles in I decided to change to 12 because I was coughing all day and really congested. I ended up stopping at 7 and made the “call of shame” to Brian to pick me up. 7 miles outside @ 9:21 pace. I ended up doing a breathing treatment afterwards. My body was exhausted. 


4 mile run on the treadmill @ 8:14 pace. 

Weekly mileage 29 miles

Monthly mileage 82 miles

Yearly mileage 501 miles 

Run Streak 114 days

I was really disappointed in myself for not running my 20 miles, but I know that my health is more important. I also know I have recently done some long runs and I will be fine fitness wise come race day. Here’s to the last two weeks of marathon training!



This was a tough week for runs. I have been battling a cough and chest congestion. I almost broke my run streak because I felt so bad, but I made it out every day this week and many days it was only to keep the streak alive. 



1 mile run outside @ 8:24 pace. This was the first of many slow runs due to a tight chest as I ran. 


Strength and Conditioning

2 mile run outside @ 9:35 pace. This was supposed to be 5 and it was all I could do to get through the 2. 😦


Tabata Lisa subbed today and it was a great class. I did take it easy as there was a lot of cardio ( she did an adapted Tabata and kicked our butts) and my breathing/chest tightness/coughing was still bothering me. 

1 mile run outside @ 8:45 pace. This run was bad all around. I was trying to dodge rain showers and about halfway in it started to rain. I finished about a 1/4 mile from home and was just going to walk because I couldn’t stop coughing. It thundered and started to rain harder, so I jogged the rest of the way home. 


Strength and Conditioning

1 mile run outside @9:06 pace. 


1 mile run on the treadmill @ 8:30 pace. Then I napped (all this coughing is wearing me out!) and then went to the Doctor. 


5 mile run outside @ 8:53 pace. After being pumped full of medicine, I felt ok running today. It was definitely the best I felt all week. I did have one coughing fit during my run that I think shot me into the air in a star jump (at least it was entertaining for the neighbors!)

Yard work for about an hour


12 miles @ 9:17 pace. I was supposed to run 20 today, but at the advice of my husband and Doctor, I decided to switch my run with next weekend. This was definitely a good choice. I will do my last long run next week and then will be all set to taper after that. 

Weekly mileage 23 miles

Monthly mileage 53 miles 

Yearly mileage 472 miles

Run Streak 107 days

Let’s hope for better running this week!  


This has been a tough week for me. We are back at school after a week off for Spring Break. We have had lots of rain which caused some leaking and chaos at school on Tuesday. The worst is that I have been coughing/not feeling great since last Saturday. What I thought was just allergies at first turned into some sort of chest congestion and a cough that was unpredictable and annoying, especially at night. (more on this later). Today is a new day with sunshine and decent temperatures!



As much as I am not a fan of all the rain we have been having, I do love all the flowers that are starting to bloom. 


FAV # 2


This past week we were able to make our Fastpass selections for our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World. We have our usual favorites like Thunder, Space, and Splash Mountain. We also have some new (to some family members) as well, such as Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Tower of Terror (I can’t wait for this one!). It will be Eric’s first ride on it and Brian’s second time ever (the first one didn’t go so well ).


FAV # 3


We have some great landscaping in our yard that has the shape of that special guy I love so much!


FAV # 4


This week with not feeling great we had lots of leftovers, freezer meals, and even fast food one night. By Thursday I couldn’t take it any more and made this recipe that was delicious!  It was so good!  I can’t wait to make it again. 


FAV # 5


I ordered this beer that was just calling my name.  I loved it even more when the bottle was put in front of me. It was yummy and now I am on the lookout for it locally. 



FAV # 6


I went to the Dr. on FRIDAY and have a diagnosis of possibly an infection (antibiotic for that) and asthma (who knew you can develop that as an adult) so I have oral prednisone as well as an inhaler, and allergy meds and nose spray. For someone who is not a big medicine taker this is quite unusual. You gotta do what you gotta do I guess. I am just glad that my Dr. understands my need to be able to continue training for my marathon that is in three weeks and is helping me get better. 


Here’s to hoping for a great week of weather and feeling better next week!


This week involved a LOT of running! I am really getting geared up for my marathon now. Being on spring break allowed me to do some of my runs/workouts at different times. This is why I long for summer!



20 mile run outside @ 9:07 pace. (My Nike+ app clocked one of my miles ridiculously fast, so after correcting for that I think my pace was really about 9:20.). Not bad!


I slept in today and took a power pump class. I forgot how hard this class can be, but I love the burn. 

5 mile run @ 8:46 pace. It was super windy!


5 mile run @ 8:44 pace. 

Stennocis at the park with the kids


Power pump

5 mile run on the treadmill @ 8:37 pace. (It was lightening like crazy, so I opted for an inside run)


8 mile run on the treadmill (it was rainy). @ 8:23 pace. I wasn’t feeling it today. I took a short break at the halfway point. 


12 mile run outside @ 9:04 pace. I used my new Garmin and I love it!  


1 mile run outside after the first egg hunt and before Church. Unfortunately, I didn’t wear my phone and I thought I had my Garmin turned on correctly, but I didn’t, so I don’t know my pace. 

Weekly mileage 56 miles

March mileage 168 miles!

April mileage 31 miles

Yearly mileage 450 miles

Run streak 100 days!!!



This has been a great week! We are on spring break and we have have had decent weather for a few days!  What more can you ask for? Well maybe a trip to Florida where it is really warm!

FAV # 1

Spring temperatures!

This week started out cold!  My runs on Saturday and Sunday were in 20 degree temps. Monday it started to warm up and by Wednesday it actually hit 70 degrees! While I would really prefer temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s, I will take what I can get. 

FAV # 2

Getting outside to enjoy the nice weather!



This was a little seat that spun around and it was so much fun, but it made me really dizzy!

We have been to the park three times this week. One day I even did my run around the park while the kids played (it was SUPER windy).


We even played a game of stennocis (or soccer tennis). We used to play this all the time with Austin, so it was fun to bring it back. 

FAV # 3

Birthday celebrations

I am a fool. An April Fool baby! I like birthdays. I am proud of my age and have never been upset or freaked out by a certain age. I look at it this way, it’s one more year that I get to live it up!

The day started out with a five mile run, then breakfast where the portions are obscene! I couldn’t finish. 


We did some shopping where I got this!  I can’t wait to use it. 


Then we spent the afternoon at the park and dinner out. 


Emma made this for me in art class. 

FAV # 4

Christmas in April?!?!

Way back in October I was being very proactive and ordered a gift for my husband. 

These are some of his favorite rides at Magic Kingdom   

Well, it just arrived yesterday. So much for thinking I was ahead of the game. He does really like it, so I guess it was worth the wait. Now we just have to find a place to hang it. 

My sister and her family are going to be here for the weekend for Easter and we have some fun planned. 

Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!

Do you look forward to birthdays?