This has been a tough week for me. We are back at school after a week off for Spring Break. We have had lots of rain which caused some leaking and chaos at school on Tuesday. The worst is that I have been coughing/not feeling great since last Saturday. What I thought was just allergies at first turned into some sort of chest congestion and a cough that was unpredictable and annoying, especially at night. (more on this later). Today is a new day with sunshine and decent temperatures!



As much as I am not a fan of all the rain we have been having, I do love all the flowers that are starting to bloom. 


FAV # 2


This past week we were able to make our Fastpass selections for our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World. We have our usual favorites like Thunder, Space, and Splash Mountain. We also have some new (to some family members) as well, such as Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Tower of Terror (I can’t wait for this one!). It will be Eric’s first ride on it and Brian’s second time ever (the first one didn’t go so well ).


FAV # 3


We have some great landscaping in our yard that has the shape of that special guy I love so much!


FAV # 4


This week with not feeling great we had lots of leftovers, freezer meals, and even fast food one night. By Thursday I couldn’t take it any more and made this recipe that was delicious!  It was so good!  I can’t wait to make it again. 


FAV # 5


I ordered this beer that was just calling my name.  I loved it even more when the bottle was put in front of me. It was yummy and now I am on the lookout for it locally. 



FAV # 6


I went to the Dr. on FRIDAY and have a diagnosis of possibly an infection (antibiotic for that) and asthma (who knew you can develop that as an adult) so I have oral prednisone as well as an inhaler, and allergy meds and nose spray. For someone who is not a big medicine taker this is quite unusual. You gotta do what you gotta do I guess. I am just glad that my Dr. understands my need to be able to continue training for my marathon that is in three weeks and is helping me get better. 


Here’s to hoping for a great week of weather and feeling better next week!



Well, I almost didn’t make it this week, I’m cutting it close, but it is still FRIDAY. It is the first day of spring break and we have been busy cleaning and getting Emma’s room ready to paint, but it has been a good start so far. 

FAV # 1

The start of spring sports

Alex had his first soccer tournament last weekend. His team played in a local tournament and ended up in second place!  Not a bad way to start the season. This was the first of five tournaments the boys will have this spring. 

Fav # 2

Spring break!

Today is the first day of spring break!  We are not going anywhere this year, but we will still have lots of fun! Lots of cleaning, organizing, and painting are on the agenda. We will also do some fun activities with the kids: Skyzone, COSI (a local hands on museum), laser tag, and cousin fun are just a few ideas. 

I am just glad to have a week to enjoy the warm frigid spring air. It has been snowing and in the 20’s today. Hopefully we will get a few warmer days next week. 

This is our wild mild trip to Home Depot. 

Fav # 3

Great classic movies

I was flipping through channels 

Sat night a came across Dirty Dancing (maybe it’s not a classic to you, but it makes my list). I love that movie. I ended up watching the whole movie and I loved every minute of it. 

Watching Dirty Dancing takes me take to eighth grade and always makes me feel like I could be a great dancer just like Baby. (THINKING I’m a great dancer is as far as it goes)

The music is great too!  My favorite is (“I’ve had) The Time of My Life”

This is one of my favorite scenes!

Fav # 4


I love to bake! I don’t bake nearly as much as I used to, much to my husbands dismay. 

My favorite thing to bake is probably my grandma’s cut-out cookie recipe.  I will be making those next week for an extended family Easter celebration. 

My husband would like it if I made chocolate chip cookies every day week, but he is lucky if I make them every few months. I am just not a chocolate chip cookie lover. I do love the dough though! I could eat a whole bowl of any kind of cookie dough. 

That is all for this week. Good thing I did lots of burpees this morning since I probably ate half the cookie dough when making it!


I know it is already Saturday, but I still wanted to post my Friday favs because there were some good ones! Better late than never, right?

Fav #1

Hot yoga

I have been going to a new to me yoga class since about November. The studio is a combo yoga/spinning fitness center. It is a hot vinyasa class and I absolutely love it! It is like a workout and massage all in one. As you are in poses, the instructor comes around and massages your shoulders/back/neck/forehead. It is the best way to spend an hour in the evening. This week she had us “play” and we attempted flying pigeon. It was fun to try, but I was definitely not successful. At least I made the effort! This is what the pose is supposed to look like. Maybe with a little LOT more practice. I will get there.



New shoes

If you read my post on shoes, here I am in the market for some more shoes. I only bought one new pair and they were definitely needed. I got the Brooks Glycerin 12 and took them out for a run this morning. I LOVE THEM!




New socks

I never used to worry about what kind of socks I wore when I ran. I quickly learned that good socks are just as important as good shoes. I wear, swiftwick and pro compression, but recently purchased some bombas. The Bombas have a nice cushion to them and the sock comes up a little higher in the back than I am used to, but I still like them. Just like my shoe obsession, but not quite as bad, one can never have enough nice socks!


Bolthouse Farms juice

I drink water, water, and more water, and Nuun in my water. I am not a juice person. The other day I decided to try some good for me juice. I grabbed this one


The fact that it was strawberry and banana and said smoothie on it sold me. I was surprised by how thick it was, it really did taste like a smoothie, but without the watered down ice flavor. I will definitely try some of the other flavors.


Fav #1


Nothing can top a beautiful sunrise to start the day. This week I saw a few beautiful sunrises with pink skies. I didn’t take any pictures as I was driving, but here is one I found.


Fav #2

Running in the snow

I am not a fan of cold weather, give me an 85 degree any day. I do however love snow. We have not had much snow this winter, but we are expecting possibly 6+ inches on Sunday!!!! We did have a little snow the other day and I love to go and run when it is snowing. It is such a peaceful time. I didn’t get to run while it was actually snowing, but I ran later in the day and enjoyed the beauty of it all.


Fav # 3

Carry-in lunches at work

About once a month we have a carry-in at lunch with a theme. Today’s theme was Souper Bowl. There were about 10 different soups, as well as salads, sandwiches, and desserts. YUM! I forgot to take a picture of the whole spread, but here are the cookies I contributed, oatmeal craisin white chocolate chip.


Fav #4

Yogurt parfait

I had this delicious yogurt parfait today for breakfast and it may be my new go to breakfast. Easy to make and healthy. I started with some Greek yogurt, granola, blueberries, strawberries. And then I added another layer of the same and a drizzle of honey.



What was your favorite thing this week?