Mixed bag of emotions

Today I have been feeling a great sense of relief along with a feeling of guilt and sadness. I officially changed from the Columbus marathon to the Columbus half marathon. 

As I was getting ready to run this morning I took a look at my training calendar for the next 8 weeks and I began to wonder how I was going to fit it all in. 
Not only does my plan call for four weekends of pretty high mileage, between three of my kids we have soccer tournaments, many other league soccer games, as well as cross country meets. I started to panic and realize it would be difficult to fit it all in. 

I have run three marathons previously, but the timing of those and the less intensive training plans allowed me to run and still live my busy life. 

My decision ultimately boiled down to the fact that my family is the most important thing to me. If I tried to squeeze my long runs in on tournament weekends or any weekend for that matter, I would never see my husband and kids. If I changed my training around to fit life right now I didn’t feel I would be trained well enough for how I want to approach this race. 

As I went out for my run early this morning I made the decision to switch from the full to the half. As I ran, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. 

Shortly after returning I told my husband and immediately made the official change online. I wanted to do it before I changed my mind. As the day has gone on I have felt relief, but at the same time a little sad and almost guilty that I am not running the full. I know it was the right decision for me and my family. 

I will be back for another marathon maybe in the spring, OR super wishful thinking that my husband will send me to Disney in January! (There are still bibs for the marathon).  A GIRL CAN DREAM!


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