This was a tough week for runs. I have been battling a cough and chest congestion. I almost broke my run streak because I felt so bad, but I made it out every day this week and many days it was only to keep the streak alive. 



1 mile run outside @ 8:24 pace. This was the first of many slow runs due to a tight chest as I ran. 


Strength and Conditioning

2 mile run outside @ 9:35 pace. This was supposed to be 5 and it was all I could do to get through the 2. 😦


Tabata Lisa subbed today and it was a great class. I did take it easy as there was a lot of cardio ( she did an adapted Tabata and kicked our butts) and my breathing/chest tightness/coughing was still bothering me. 

1 mile run outside @ 8:45 pace. This run was bad all around. I was trying to dodge rain showers and about halfway in it started to rain. I finished about a 1/4 mile from home and was just going to walk because I couldn’t stop coughing. It thundered and started to rain harder, so I jogged the rest of the way home. 


Strength and Conditioning

1 mile run outside @9:06 pace. 


1 mile run on the treadmill @ 8:30 pace. Then I napped (all this coughing is wearing me out!) and then went to the Doctor. 


5 mile run outside @ 8:53 pace. After being pumped full of medicine, I felt ok running today. It was definitely the best I felt all week. I did have one coughing fit during my run that I think shot me into the air in a star jump (at least it was entertaining for the neighbors!)

Yard work for about an hour


12 miles @ 9:17 pace. I was supposed to run 20 today, but at the advice of my husband and Doctor, I decided to switch my run with next weekend. This was definitely a good choice. I will do my last long run next week and then will be all set to taper after that. 

Weekly mileage 23 miles

Monthly mileage 53 miles 

Yearly mileage 472 miles

Run Streak 107 days

Let’s hope for better running this week!  


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