This week involved a LOT of running! I am really getting geared up for my marathon now. Being on spring break allowed me to do some of my runs/workouts at different times. This is why I long for summer!



20 mile run outside @ 9:07 pace. (My Nike+ app clocked one of my miles ridiculously fast, so after correcting for that I think my pace was really about 9:20.). Not bad!


I slept in today and took a power pump class. I forgot how hard this class can be, but I love the burn. 

5 mile run @ 8:46 pace. It was super windy!


5 mile run @ 8:44 pace. 

Stennocis at the park with the kids


Power pump

5 mile run on the treadmill @ 8:37 pace. (It was lightening like crazy, so I opted for an inside run)


8 mile run on the treadmill (it was rainy). @ 8:23 pace. I wasn’t feeling it today. I took a short break at the halfway point. 


12 mile run outside @ 9:04 pace. I used my new Garmin and I love it!  


1 mile run outside after the first egg hunt and before Church. Unfortunately, I didn’t wear my phone and I thought I had my Garmin turned on correctly, but I didn’t, so I don’t know my pace. 

Weekly mileage 56 miles

March mileage 168 miles!

April mileage 31 miles

Yearly mileage 450 miles

Run streak 100 days!!!



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