This week started out much better than last week. I felt pretty good for the most part. By FRIDAY, my cough was back with a vengeance and my weekend runs didn’t go quite as planned. I think that is why I held off on posting this, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get my full last long run in. I have come to realize I am as prepared distance wise as I can be. And I just need to move on. 


No Yogalates today. I was pretty tired today and decided to just sleep in. 

1 mile run outside @ 7:26 pace. This run started out great and then two dogs came running up on me. They looked threatening (to me!) and thanks to 3 wonderful neighbors who came to my rescue as well as a random guy in his car trying to corral the dogs I was able to finally continue on my way. I did encounter the dogs again as I was almost finished with my run, but I was able to divert them. 


Strength and Conditioning

Courtney subbed for Mike so we actually did Tabata. 

5 mile run outside  @ 8:32 pace. 



Lisa subbed for Courtney and it was a Tabata style class. 

6 mile run outside @ 8:44 pace. 


Strength and Conditioning

Mike kicked our butt today. 

5 mile run outside @ 8:48 pace. 


1 mile run outside @ 7:54 pace. 


I switched my run with Sunday due to impending rain. I had to run late in the afternoon because Alex had a soccer tournament. 

I had 20 planned, a few miles in I decided to change to 12 because I was coughing all day and really congested. I ended up stopping at 7 and made the “call of shame” to Brian to pick me up. 7 miles outside @ 9:21 pace. I ended up doing a breathing treatment afterwards. My body was exhausted. 


4 mile run on the treadmill @ 8:14 pace. 

Weekly mileage 29 miles

Monthly mileage 82 miles

Yearly mileage 501 miles 

Run Streak 114 days

I was really disappointed in myself for not running my 20 miles, but I know that my health is more important. I also know I have recently done some long runs and I will be fine fitness wise come race day. Here’s to the last two weeks of marathon training!



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