That got your attention, didn’t it!?!?  I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I haven’t gone to join a naked running team. Although some people enjoy exercising in the buff. Yesterday was actually World Naked Bike Ride Day also known as Bare if you dare. I was going to post a picture to go along, but I couldn’t find any that seemed appropriate!

In all seriousness,  I have still been running I just haven’t had time to blog. The last few weeks were spent ending up the school year! As well as packing for and going to the best place in the World for vacation. 

My streak is up to 171 days. I can’t believe I am almost to the halfway mark!

As far as the naked part goes, I have been wearing my Garmin when I run and on the days I only run a mile I don’t know my pace or time until I am finished. In the running world that is known as running naked. 

Have a great evening and I hope to get back to the regularly scheduled blogging since its summer!