Well, I almost didn’t make it this week, I’m cutting it close, but it is still FRIDAY. It is the first day of spring break and we have been busy cleaning and getting Emma’s room ready to paint, but it has been a good start so far. 

FAV # 1

The start of spring sports

Alex had his first soccer tournament last weekend. His team played in a local tournament and ended up in second place!  Not a bad way to start the season. This was the first of five tournaments the boys will have this spring. 

Fav # 2

Spring break!

Today is the first day of spring break!  We are not going anywhere this year, but we will still have lots of fun! Lots of cleaning, organizing, and painting are on the agenda. We will also do some fun activities with the kids: Skyzone, COSI (a local hands on museum), laser tag, and cousin fun are just a few ideas. 

I am just glad to have a week to enjoy the warm frigid spring air. It has been snowing and in the 20’s today. Hopefully we will get a few warmer days next week. 

This is our wild mild trip to Home Depot. 

Fav # 3

Great classic movies

I was flipping through channels 

Sat night a came across Dirty Dancing (maybe it’s not a classic to you, but it makes my list). I love that movie. I ended up watching the whole movie and I loved every minute of it. 

Watching Dirty Dancing takes me take to eighth grade and always makes me feel like I could be a great dancer just like Baby. (THINKING I’m a great dancer is as far as it goes)

The music is great too!  My favorite is (“I’ve had) The Time of My Life”

This is one of my favorite scenes!

Fav # 4


I love to bake! I don’t bake nearly as much as I used to, much to my husbands dismay. 

My favorite thing to bake is probably my grandma’s cut-out cookie recipe.  I will be making those next week for an extended family Easter celebration. 

My husband would like it if I made chocolate chip cookies every day week, but he is lucky if I make them every few months. I am just not a chocolate chip cookie lover. I do love the dough though! I could eat a whole bowl of any kind of cookie dough. 

That is all for this week. Good thing I did lots of burpees this morning since I probably ate half the cookie dough when making it!


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