Spring is upon us and that means we are full force into sports and activities for my kids. With more practices, games, and rehearsals to get to I have to get creative with blocking out my time to get my runs in. 

For those who are always wondering why I get up at the crack of dawn to work out, it is sometimes the only free chance in the day I get! Usually I only take a workout class if it is still dark out.

 I am not a fan a running in the dark. (Unless I am running with 14,000 of my closest friends at Wine and Dine). 

I have this irrational fear of something (raccoons specifically) jumping out at me in the dark. I know it is crazy, but I can’t help it. I fear dead animals in daylight so…… Anyway, I conquered that fear this week when the only chance I had to run one day was at 6 in the morning before we left for a full day of soccer. Surprisingly I survived!  I actually enjoyed it and may do it again in the future. 



1 mile run outside @ 7:57 pace


Strength and conditioning class. (It was warm enough to go outside :))

5 mile run outside @ 8:42 pace. 


Tabata class

5 mile run outside @ 8:27 pace. 


Strength and conditioning class

3 mile run outside @ 8:46 pace. 


1 mile run on the treadmill @ 8:23 pace. 


4 mile run outside in the DARK @ 8:16 pace. 


 1 mile run outside @ 7:47 pace. I had to switch my Sunday and Monday due to a soccer tournament. 

Weekly mileage 20 miles

March mileage 110 miles

2015 mileage 360 miles

Run streak 86 days


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