This was a tough week for me.  My legs were tired all week. The time change didn’t seem to bother me, but we had a different schedule at school due to state testing and that seemed to wear me out by Friday. I am starting to count down the days to Spring Break!


I forgot to set my alarm and missed Yogalates 😦

1 mile redemption run outside @ 7:24 pace.


Strength and conditioning class (killer lower body workout, this could have contributed to my tired legs)

8 mile run on the treadmill @ 8:55 pace.  I had to switch my Tuesday and Wednesday runs due to kids activities and it was raining, so the treadmill it was.  


Tabata class

5 mile run outside @ 8:36 pace. 


Strength and conditioning class

4 mile run outside @ 8:48 pace.  I just couldn’t run all five, my legs were exhausted. 


1 mile on the treadmill @ 8:10 pace to keep my streak alive. 

Walked 10 minutes at increasing inclines.


8 mile run outside @ 8:47 pace.


18 mile run outside @ 9:17 pace. I felt so much better today. 

Weekly mileage 45 miles

Monthly mileage 90.4 miles

Yearly mileage 341.4 miles

Run streak day 79 days

My legs are feeling better today.  Compression socks multiple days this week has helped. 

Have a great week and keep thinking warm weather and sunny skies 🙂


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