I did it! I remembered to post on Friday!

FAV# 1


Almost every morning as the boys and I wait at the bus stop we have listened to the birds chirping. One more sign that spring is here!

FAV # 2

Wearing shorts on my run in March!  We have had beautiful weather this week (with the exception of Tuesday when it rained all day). I love that I can wear some different clothes on my run. 

Hopefully this weather sticks around for a while!

FAV #3

Double digit countdown to vacation

We recently hit the double digits on the countdown for our next Disney vacation!  We are so excited and have done most of the planning, but are anxiously awaiting the day to book our Fastpasses. Disney is my favorite place to vacation and I think for the most part my family agrees!

FAV # 4

Dragging the kids in at dark!

With the weather being so nice and the time change, my kids have been spending all of their free time outside. Two nights ago I had to drag them in at dark from the neighborhood kickball game. I love that we live in a cul-de-sac and there are so many kids to play with. 

FAV # 5

Out of this world cookie cakes!

A friend of mine makes cookie cakes as a business out of her home and they are AMAZING! They have become my go to instead of cake whenever possible. We had one tonight to celebrate the boys basketball season. Check out all the amazing cookies she has made Here.

It’s the end to another five day work week. One more five day week, a four day week, and then it is spring break. Let’s hope for nice weather!


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