I have been slacking on the Friday Favs posts, so today you get a “things I’m loving lately post.

FAV #1

McFarland, USA

We saw this movie on one of our snow days and I LOVED it! I wasn’t sure if the kids were going to love it, but the boys enjoyed it, and Emma really liked it. I have to warn you, the end is a tear jerker.  Then again I cry at lots ALL of the movies that most people don’t, so you will have to see for yourself.

FAV #2

Free breakfast

I like Chick-fil-a.  I love it when it is free! We received a card at school for a free chick-n-minis. 

Yes please!


Enjoying the snow with my kids. We had more snow last Sunday (surprise, surprise!) I enjoyed having a snow ball fight, making a snowman, and sledding with the kids.  Hopefully that is the end of the snow for us.

FAV # 4

Buying new workout clothes

Last weekend I went shopping for an outfit for a girls’ night out.  The first thing I did was buy some new running tights.  OOPS, I don’t think I can wear those out on the town!

I just couldn’t help it, they were calling my name and in all reality I  would rather buy workout clothes than real clothes. 

FAV # 5


I know many people don’t like spring forward because you lose an hour of sleep.  I personally like LOVE my sleep, but I  LOVE sunshine even more, so I couldn’t wait until the time change.  It was so nice that it was still light out as I was driving home @ 7:15 tonight!

Hopefully I can get back on track with my FRIDAY Favs this week!

What is your favorite clothing item to buy?


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