I was selected to host a Disney Side @home celebration again this year. I received a box full of great supplies to help host the party. The theme of our box was multi-generational based on the questionnaire I answered. 

We decided to incorporate the Disney party into my twin boys 9th birthday celebration. 

Since my boys love Disney, but they also love Toy Story we decided to make that the theme  of our multi-generational party.  We asked guests to dress up for the party and they didn’t disappoint. 

Woody, Zurg, and Jessie

Buzz and Woody

Jessie and Woody

Green army  men women

Ken and Barbie

The  Duff cake mix was easy to make and made for some delicious cake cups. 

We made lots of Toy Story themed food.  The kids got in on the cooking as well. 

Thanks to Elsa for crashing our party, some of our guests were not able to make it Andy’s house for the party.

Thanks to supplies in our party box, we had goodie bags for all of our guests.

Fun was had by all, especially the  birthday boys!

Thanks to Disney, Maria Bailey, and all the wonderful sponsors for the supplies to host a fun Disney side @ home celebration!

See ya real soon!


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