This was an unusual week for workouts due to some crazy weather! I did love the 3 snow days we had!!!!


14 mile run on the treadmill @8:56 pace! This was the run I postponed from Sunday to avoid the frigid temps and ended up inside because of the beginning of a snowstorm.


Strength and conditioning class ( only two of us showed up so it was more of a personal training session that kicked our butt
4 mile run on the treadmill @ 8:54 pace (my legs were shot from class)
2 hour delay for school


Tried to take Tabata class, but I was the only one to show up 😦 The instructor offered to have a personal training session class, but I opted for a run instead.
7 mile run on the treadmill again:( @ 8:32 pace.
Snow day for school!


SnowCold day call for school the night before so I opted to sleep in so no class for me.
4 mile run on the treadmill @8:44 pace


Strength and conditioning class
I love this one, my friend Lisa teaches and I can only go in the summer or on a day off so I was SO excited! She kicked our butt 🙂
1 mile run on he treadmill @ 8:02 pace


7 mile run on the treadmill @ 8:42 pace


13.6 mile run on the treadmill @ 8:46 pace.

This past week the treadmill and I have become good friends, but I am ready for a break-up! Between the snowy roads and the below zero temps I have had enough of winter. I NEED to run outside!

My planking was hit and miss this week. Monday and Tuesday I remembered, Wednesday and Thursday I forgot, FRIDAY we did a bunch in class, and Saturday I forgot. Today I planked for 2:30.

Weekly mileage 50. 6 miles
Monthly mileage 108 miles
2015 mileage 234 miles! I am starting to rack them up with all the marathon training!
Run streak day 58


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