Fav #1

Powdery, sparkly snow!



The picture doesn’t do it justice, but Monday afternoon/evening we had the most beautiful snowfall and it was so powdery and sparkly I love it!

Fav #2

Snow day fun!


Tuesday we had a two hour delay thanks to the snow Monday evening. On Wednesday it started snowing about 5 AM and it was enough and at the right time to give us a snow day! Thursday there was a windchill advisory with temps at -5 and wind chills of -25, so another snow day!

We braved the snowy roads on Wednesday and took the kids for breakfast. The roads were pretty bad, but it was worth the quick trip!

Fav #3

A trip down memory lane

On Wednesday evening I went with my parents to Cincinnati for my aunt’s viewing. On our way home, we drove by my grandma’s old house ( the last time I had seen her house was 9 years ago right before she passed away). We also made a dinner spot at my grandma’s favorite restaurant, Frisch’s. It took me back to years ago and spending time with my grandma!

Fav # 4

Baking with my kids


I don’t bake as much as I used to, but now when I bake my kids love to help out. We are preparing for Alex and Eric’s 9th birthday. The kids helped me make the cake cups for the party. They love to help in the kitchen whether it is baking or just making dinner.





2 thoughts on “FRIDAY FAVS

  1. Carol Bucher says:

    Looks like the three “Snow Days” the Buchers had off were lots of fun! I noticed a number of times too that the snow was really pretty when it was falling. Alex and Eric–I think another fun birthday party is in the works for you! The pictures are great!


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