I know it is already Saturday, but I still wanted to post my Friday favs because there were some good ones! Better late than never, right?

Fav #1

Hot yoga

I have been going to a new to me yoga class since about November. The studio is a combo yoga/spinning fitness center. It is a hot vinyasa class and I absolutely love it! It is like a workout and massage all in one. As you are in poses, the instructor comes around and massages your shoulders/back/neck/forehead. It is the best way to spend an hour in the evening. This week she had us “play” and we attempted flying pigeon. It was fun to try, but I was definitely not successful. At least I made the effort! This is what the pose is supposed to look like. Maybe with a little LOT more practice. I will get there.



New shoes

If you read my post on shoes, here I am in the market for some more shoes. I only bought one new pair and they were definitely needed. I got the Brooks Glycerin 12 and took them out for a run this morning. I LOVE THEM!




New socks

I never used to worry about what kind of socks I wore when I ran. I quickly learned that good socks are just as important as good shoes. I wear, swiftwick and pro compression, but recently purchased some bombas. The Bombas have a nice cushion to them and the sock comes up a little higher in the back than I am used to, but I still like them. Just like my shoe obsession, but not quite as bad, one can never have enough nice socks!


Bolthouse Farms juice

I drink water, water, and more water, and Nuun in my water. I am not a juice person. The other day I decided to try some good for me juice. I grabbed this one


The fact that it was strawberry and banana and said smoothie on it sold me. I was surprised by how thick it was, it really did taste like a smoothie, but without the watered down ice flavor. I will definitely try some of the other flavors.


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